We are really excited and proud and thrilled (and all those other adjectives) to announce that we have signed a recording deal with Mountain Fever Records of Willis, Virginia! They are a great group of folks and we hope to make some great music with them. We should be in the studio this winter working on the third full-length Colebrook Road album. Definitely keep your eyes peeled to their website (https://mountainfever.com) and their social media accounts (@mountain_fever_records on Instagram, @MtnFeverRecords on Twitter), as well as our Instagram account and Facebook page (@colebrookroad, Facebook.com/colebrookroadband) for more details and insider peeks at the new album.

You should also listen to the other artists on their label. We have been spinning their albums during our recent travels in the new bluegrass van and really, really like what we hear.

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