What a weekend. Gettysburg Friday, Laurel Hill Saturday, and a cool community event in Strasburg Sunday. Highlight of the weekend has to go to the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival. Awesome as a spectator, just as awesome as a performer. Special shout out to Southard Sound, who is on. top. of. their. stuff.

Also really fun was filming a video backstage with Mr. Adam Steffey to announce our signing with Mountain Fever Records. So great to know we’re on a label with musicians like him. We can’t wait to get down there and make a new record for you folks.

Next week we play up in Perry County for a fundraiser for Perry County Council of the Arts at the Winery at Hunter’s Valley and then the Riverside Camping Association’s annual Low Country Boil and Bluegrass down at Lancaster County central park. Gigs!

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